A Lovely Letter From Nema – We Should All Count Our Blessings

Nema and Zach on boat

Nema was one of my first friends in Indo. She works at the clinic and was assigned to help me assimilate as painlessly as possible, but she did more than that. I honestly do not know what I would have done without her.

She walked me to work so that I wouldn’t get lost in the narrow, maze-like alleys.  She taught me how to add pulsa to my phone so that I could communicate with of my family back home.  She advised the stylist on how to cut my hair (that takes major trust on my part, I don’t have much left so I guard it with my life). She taught me how to catch the ankut (public transportation vans). She took me to the local smoking lounge for delicious $.15 cent iced coffee and introduced me to her friends there. And, sometimes with a roll of her eyes, she answered all of my silly questions that foreigners often have when traveling abroad, but seldom have a resource available to answer them.

I asked Nema to write me a short blog about Ramadan and the purpose of fasting for 40 days, but instead she wrote me this endearing letter. Thank you, Nema. You’re a wonderful friend and even though I’m far away in Jakarta, we’ll always be close.


A letter for a friend
Zachary Wayne Laboube, february 20th, 1975
Arrived May 5th, 2015

Nothing Last Forever
Nice to knowing u my friend, since I’d meet u it was unbelievable, a good looking guy with a movie star smile. I thought that you’re gonna be a Prince Charming in town, but I’m totally wrong. Mostly a good looking guy like you always made trouble with girls, handsome a.k.a trouble. You’ve deserve to get a WOW from me.

You have such a wonderful life, happy family, best Daddy ever, a gorgeous girfriend, a handsome son, writer, and etc, do you realize that you are so blessing with that?

Even though, sometimes, coz we are *human* Everything’s can changes by the time, I’ve seen for whole this 3 weeks, your true personality, innocently without doubting. In my vision you like a 17 years old boy who got trapped in 40 years old body, fragile and easy to break.

Now, today I’ve seen you again, so many thing has changes. Maybe you meet a lot of people in jakarta. Start working, I know you are a good chiropractor, you’re gonna have a chances to be the best in jakarta. But zach..you have to remember one thing, not all people around you will supporting you with a good thing, some people maybe will gonna step behind you to make stand and strong without you knowing, but maybe some people try to make you down.

I write this because I’ve read all your articles on your blog. One article surprising me a lot, that’s your choice that’s what you thought and that’s your right to wrote. Thank you Zach, for everything.


I should be the one thanking you, Nema. If you read this, please comment on which blog you’re referring to. Talk soon.

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