Welcome to my blog. It’s a pretty abstract mess of thoughts and experience from a guy that hasn’t had much success in defining who he really is. I’m speaking of myself, but only assholes and professional athletes speak of themselves in the third person. The former is unforgiveable, the latter is all fine by me. See the example below…

Example: My buddy Craig and I were chatting up some girls at the old Paddy O’s. This was back in the old Busch Stadium days when it was the only thing to do after a ballgame. It was a rowdier crowd back in those days, or perhaps it was just me that was rowdy, but if you were ready to celebrate a win or rare home loss (I’m speaking of my beloved St. Louis Cardinals, the toast of the NL), you went to Paddy O’s. Just when we were making some progress, Jim Edmonds, Jimmy Ballgame, All Star Centerfielder for the Birds, cut right in between us and said, “How’d you girls like to let Jim Edmonds buy you a shot?” Without pause, my buddy Craig, who can turn on a joke quicker than Jimmy Ballgame can turn on a high fastball, replied, “I’d like to let Jim Edmonds pay my tab.”

True story. And if Jimmy Ballgame wants to speak of himself in the third person and cut in on my potential ex-girlfriends, the pleasure is all mine – He’s a big-league’r. He’s the protagonist in two of my top 10 cardinal moments of all time, who am I? That’s the question.

When my son was considering colleges, a heavy deal for a 17-year-old, I once told him, “Son, I’m a chiropractor, I run a weight loss franchise, I wrote a book, I bar-tend on weekends, and I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.” I’m not sure how reassuring that advice was for him, but it sure got me thinking.

What am I doing? But more importantly, who cares? I haven’t always been a writer. In fact, I stumbled onto it quite by accident, or better said, misfortune. But since starting, I’ve realized that a by-product of creativity is that your mind never really shuts off. The wheels are always turning, which is good for writing, but not outstanding for sleep. I stress alot, but I’m trying to manage it. The easiest way for me to do that is to remind myself that nobody really cares what in the hell I’m doing except me and my girlfriend – currently just me. My son doesn’t care, he’s living the college dream. Of course he cares about my well-being, but whether that well-being is manifesting itself in Missouri or Indonesia, it doesn’t matter, just as long as it isn’t manifesting itself near the campus of Missouri School of Science and Technology for more than a weekend at a stretch. My grandma cares, but again, she just wants to see me happy. She’d prefer that to be reclined on her living room couch with a cold Budweiser in hand and the ballgame on TV, but she knows that’s not a permanent reality.

The point is, you don’t care about my blog or what I’m doing unless it has some relevancy to your life. So I’ll try to keep it relevant and I’ll try to keep it insightful. What I won’t do is pretend to know a lot of things, because I don’t. What if I had dipped my quill, back in the early 1400s and wrote a brilliant blog about the vast flatness of the earth? I’d feel pretty stupid right now, wouldn’t I?

DrZAbroad or DrZAbroad?

I’ve always enjoyed communication. On holidays, when I was a kid, all the boys, dads, and uncles would lounge around in the living room watching football. Not me, I’d be in the kitchen chatting with all of the women. I like football, but I like the insights of women way more. Women are without question the smarter sex and I’m not saying that for obvious reasons. I mean that entirely, which is why I learn so much from them and why I want to share all of their insights on my blog. As you’ll notice, DrZAbroad is a double entendra. For my male readers, that means it has two meanings…

  1. Dr. Z abroad – As in I’m living abroad
  2. Dr. Z (and) a broad – As in a questionable slang term for a woman.

I suppose it could have a third meaning if you were to say it as a question, “Dr. Z, a broad?” No, I’m not a transvestite, but I do believe in exploring the dichotomy of both men and women alike, so I’d like to this to be sort of a point vs. counter-point type thing. I’d like to get a woman’s perspective on the content and scope of my post. I’m sorry, posts. As in blog posts. Sorry! Again with the double entenda (go ahead, give it a click). And again…

It sounds fun, right? Point/Counter-Point?  If you just want to say something quick and brief,  leave it in the comment section below. If you’d like to contribute a whole blog as a counter-point to something I’ve written, or if you’d like an avenue to voice something entirely of your choosing, email the content to DrZabroad@gmail.com with the subject – Dr. Z, I think you’re so smart and handsome, so I’ll be sure not to overlook it. Men are welcome to contribute as well, but you have to include the same subject line.

Either way, please join my eMail list so you don’t miss an opportunity to share your thoughts and opinions on relevant topics.

To your health and happiness,

Dr. Z