There Is Only One Diet I Can Recommend – HCG 2.0

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hcg diet booksIf you’re looking to lose a few pounds, the only diet I can recommend is my HCG 2.0 protocol. Why, because it works and I see it on a daily basis. If you don’t believe me, join my HCG 2.0 support page on Facebook and ask.  It’s a private group with over 1500 members, most of whom have already completed the diet with tremendous success. It’s a very interactive group. I take a lot of pride in how forthcoming everyone is with sharing tips and motivation. If you’ve been considering weight loss, join and read some of the success stories. You could be next.

What is HCG?

HCG is a hormone that’s produced by the placenta during pregnancy. Typically, the human body wants to store away calories in our fat cells as a defense mechanism against long winters, or famine, conditions that we don’t have to worry too much about today. However, when a woman gets pregnant, the growing baby requires a 24/7 calorie source, so her placenta begins making HCG. The HCG then activates a gland in the brain which tells the mothers body to tap into her fat reserves to provide a continuous calorie source for the baby.

If the hormone is supplemented, in the absence of a pregnancy, and combined with a low-calorie diet, as described in HCG 2.0, the result is rapid weight loss from the areas you need it most

HCG Targets Your Weight Loss

Because the HCG hormone attacks stored fat, you lose weight from all of the areas you need it most, because that is where you highest concentrations of fat are located. When dieting without the assistance of HCG, you’ll actually lose muscle mass before you lose fat mass and this is entirely counter productive to weight loss. The goal is to maintain muscle mass while strictly losing from fat.

HCG Suppresses Appetite

HCG facilitates a ccompletely healthy metabolic process called ketosis. The conversion of stored fat to useable calories is called ketosis. And it’s the ONLY way to tap into your unwanted fat reserves. Ketosis is the result of a low carb diet. It can be achieved without the use of HCG, but HCG makes it tremendously more efficient.

Most Dieters Lose 20-30 Pounds In 30-40 Days

This is the typical weight loss on the HCG 2.0 protocol. Women generally lose between .5 to 1 pound per day, while men lose 1-2 pounds per day. In addition, the most exaggerated weight loss is in the first week to two weeks of the diet. It’s not uncommon to lose 10-12 pound in the first week alone. Visit our HCG 2.0 testimonials page to see some of the dramatic results.

If you’re ready to get started right away, visit our online store. If you’re still a bit skeptical, join our private HCG 2.0 Support page on Facebook and spend some time scrolling through the comments. There are hundreds, even success stories. You could be next.


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Dr. Zach

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